Sign of the Times

The Sheppey Inn in Godney has a new pub sign. Bristol artist, Graeme Robbins, who is a regular visitor there on Sundays, was commissioned by the landlord to restore the sign.

Mr Robbins said: "Knowing the pub is probably more than 200 years old, I took the commission very seriously.

The landlord had very specific ideas as to what he wanted to show and a very demanding time scale in which to complete the restoration of the dilapidated frame and the two oil painting that feature on the sides.

"I am interested in the longevity of this kind of commission so many people will see the work. I have tried to give a slightly contemporary feel to the sign, giving a modern day fisherman a baseball hat, while remaining true to the idea of the pub sign as a part of social history. I have picked up other commissions in the area and I can't wait to start working on them."

Landlord Martin Shearing has not been disappointed. He said: "I am very pleased with the sign, it captures the essence of the Sheppey and he surrounding area."